Groovy Postbuild Plugin

Groovy bosp build plugin allow to run groovy script after build finish.


Jenkins error - hudson.util.IOException2

Today, several jenkins job continue to work but their console log ended with long exception:
ERROR: Asynchronous execution failurejava.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: hudson.util.IOException2: Unable to read  

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How to install jenkins slave

Create a slave is simple but instructions in wiki are not so full.

Installing FxCop version 10

I failed to install FxCop 10 according to microsoft instructions.

Jenkins error: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException

I tried to run groovy build step and got below error. This post will describe how I solved the problem.

Caught: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: hudson for class: script

jenkins object model - most important methods

Groovy script examples

Jenkins object model - Links to main classes javadoc

Useful resource when writing groovy scripts for jenkins (its object model)


FindBugs - how to tell maven where is the exclude file

In previous post I wrote how to write exclude file using findbugs GUI. Now there is a need to tell maven where is the exclude file.

FindBugs - how to find the correct exclude filter

findbugs is important java tool for static code analysis. There is also maven findbug plugin.

The tool write XML report file. Sometimes, there is a need to exclude from the report some detected bug. findbugs can use filter files to include or exclude bugs. The maven plugin can use this files using exclude property.

There is simple way to generate that file:


Jenkins system environment variable

Jenkins build tool create several environment variables before job begins. This list is useful for building email templates and build steps. Here are some of the variables:


maven video tutorial

maven is great build tool. I found it easier to learn about by first watching basic video tutorials.