HP ALM 11 upgrade documentation, tutorials and videos (training)

Some ALM 11 upgrade documentation (HP Application Lifecycle Management - Quality Center 11):

Videos (Training):

How to find ALM11 instances in the web

Run google search: site:*/qcbin

HP ALM 11 addins page

HP Application Lifecycle Management Add-ins page: link


Jenkins source code

You can find some of jenkins and plugins source code in:


Jenkins - how to run one combination in matrix job

Jenkins matrix job run all combinations of defined axis.

Convert file separator in path variables

When Jenkins invoke shell scripts, it pass its environment variables to it. Include workspace path. But file separator is Java like ('/') instead of windows like ('\').

Jenkins jelly examples

Jelly is the way to add more information to notifications email of jenkins (using Email-ext plugin)


Productivity tools (mostly freeware)

My favorite productivity tools:

Jenkins abort maven jobs without any reason

we had strange problem. Sometimes jenkins aborted maven jobs without reason.