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Productivity tip: use Pizza Timer

If you feel tired, easily distracted or just not focused, you can use a "work sprint". Instead of just seating in the cube trying to be focused, start a 20 minutes or 30 minutes of pure work time. Then give yourself some prize (coffee break, surfing the net ...).

I use 'Pizza Timer' freeware to show a timer that go backwards. It is just great freeware and help me to stay focused on hard times (like after lunch).


Best freeware - performance monitor

I seat long hours on the desktop. I always want to know what my PC is doing and why it works so slow.

The best tool I found is the performance monitor of hexagora. In one small window that s always top most you can see usage of CPU, Disk, Network and Memory. Just great tool !


Eclipse error: The project was not built since its build path is incomplete

More of eclipse pains:

The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for com.hp.qc.db.tables.ISaTableFieldNames. Fix the build path then try building this project.
The magic here is again doing something that cause eclipse to fix its inernal configuration files (usually the '.classpath' file)

Step (1): Remove/Add some project in "Java Build PathOrder and Export"Step (2) Undo the change.

Eclipse error: Project 'X' is missing required Java project: 'Y'

Another annoying eclipse error is the error below while trying to build a project:

Eclipse error: Project 'X' is missing required Java
project: 'Y'After lot of waste of time (checking that project Y do exists etc), the solution was the old magic:Step (1) Remove a project from the "Java Build Path|Order and Export" Step (2) Return it again to the screen.
This fixed something in the database of eclipse and solved the problem.

ANT Error Message - java.lang.RuntimeException: data starting at XXX is in unknown format

I just wasted entire day on stupid error from ANT: Build file:


java.lang.RuntimeException: data starting at 14600 is in unknown format Finally I found the simple solution - just run 'clean' target from the ANT file and run the main target again. So simple, so frustrating.