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elasticsearch cheatsheet (REST)

KB: ElasticSearch - upgrade 2.x to 5.x - Linux


Upgrading Elasticsearch from version 2.x to 5.x (Linux)

SummaryElasticsearch is a required component of ALM Octane. This document is provided as a service and provides instructions on upgrading Elasticsearch on Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Centos platforms. TopicThis article provides the steps for upgrading the Elasticsearch database from version 2.x to 5.x. Elasticsearch is a required database component for ALM Octane. Elasticsearch version 5.x is required for ALM Octane 12.55.25 and later. OverviewThe upgrade is divided into three stages:

Before upgrading: Install the migration plugin and run the cluster checkup to see what you will need to adjust during the upgrade.
Upgrade: Perform the upgrade.
After upgrading: Restart the cluster, and resume indexing and searching. Before upgrading1.Install the migration plugin:  Install the migration plugin with a version corresponding to the version of Elasticsearch currently installed.
You can install from the web or from a local file. Install…