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Video formats

Summary of: Video - Dive Into HTML5,  Digital Video Formats 

Video container files - AVI, MP4 etc Video files as “AVI files” or “MP4 files” are just container formats. Just like a ZIP file can contain any sort of file within it.

A video file usually contains multiple tracks — a video track (without audio), plus one or more audio tracks (without video).
Common Container FormatsAVI (.avi): Can contain nearly any format.

Quicktime: Most often used for the locked Apple Sorenson codec.

WMV (.wmv): More or less MPEG4; can contain nearly any codec.

ASF ("Advanced Streaming Format", .asf): a subset of wmv, intended primarily for streaming: an early Microsoft implementation of an MPEG4 codec.
Codecs that are Also ContainersMPEG-1 - It is used almost exclusively for Video Compact Disks (VCD)

MPEG-2 (h.262) - It is a container format, but there is also a codec of the same name, which most people call h.262,
Video Codecs A video codec is an algorithm by which a video stream is enco…