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Tip: change color contrast in Internet Explorer

If your PC is near a window or you just have headache after reading lot of content from Internet Explorer - you can use the tip below.

Change the color contrast of pages that are displayed by Internet Explorer by using 'user style sheet' feature.

To do so, write HTML file called 'my_style.css' with following content:

*, body, p, th, td, a {
font-size: large !important;
line-height: 200% !important ;
background: black !important ;
color: yellow !important

:link, :link * {
cursor : hand ! important;
color : yellow ! important;
text-decoration : underline ! important;

Now, open Internet Explorer and follow the steps:

Choose 'Tools'
Choose 'Internet Options'
Click on 'Accessibility' button
Mark the checkbox called 'Format document using my style sheet'
In the text box write the full file name of the style file. Example: 'C:\my_style.css'
Click 'OK' button
Click 'OK' again

Now the text in the pages will be yellow over black. This is muc…

Productivity tip: 2-minutes rule

This is a great movie that explains the two minutes rule. No need to read the GTD book or to implement the whole system. This simple rule can help to overcome the email overload.

I found it very useful. But there are two hard point to do:
(1) Process emails only in chunks and don't check outlook every time email received (very hard to do !)
(2) Do not scan new emails for interesting stuff, just process one by one. Again - very hard to do !