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Productivity tools (mostly freeware)

My favorite productivity tools:

Run all the time:

BrowserMaxthon 3
File searchEverything
File ManagerTotal Commander
Clipboard Managerclipx
File BackupCobian Backup
Cloud backupgoogle driver
Instant MessagingTrillian (old: Digsby)
NotesWikidPad (old: Treepad)
Memory cleanerCleanMem
Keyboard hotkeyspowerpro
Text editornotepad2 and Notepad++
Time TrackingGrindstone

Run it when needed (common usage):

XML editorXML Marker
NotesTreepad and windows notes
SVN managerSmartSVN
Password Managerkeepass
Remote controlLogMeIn
Database browserAqua Data Studio (not free)
Screen capturePicPick and windows snipping tool
Remote desktop managerTerminals
UninstallUninstall Tool
Image viewerIrfanView and Imagine
Media playerVLC
TimerPizza Timer


Remote controlLogMeIn
System MonitorPerfMon
Startup ManagerGreenEye Startup Manager
Opened PortsCurrPorts
SSH copyscp
SSH terminalKitty
Big clock on desktopClocX
Disk usage graphWinDirStat
Rename toolKen Rename
Search toolSearch and Replace
ToDo listToDoList
MyLife Orginized
PDF printerPDFCreator
Effective printingiPrint
Outlook spam filterSpamBayes


eSignature said…
Great list. All those tools are really super useful. Thanks for sharing such an interesting read !

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