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ALM Octane - KM02703217 - installation troubleshooting document

If installation of ALM Octane fails. it is good idea to see troubleshooting guide KM02703217.

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Content of document (Jun 20, 2017):

This document contains troubleshooting suggestions for issues relating to the ALM Octane installation.

Known troubleshooting scenarios and possible solutions. Check this document often for more updated information.


These the known scenarios and solutions for ALM Octane installation troubles.


I rebooted the ALM Octane server machine. The HPALM service did not start up automatically.

When you reboot the machine, you need to manually restart the ALM Octane server:
service HPALM restart
The service runs in the background.

ALM Octane does not open in Internet Explorer.

If you encounter problems opening ALM Octane in Internet Explorer, check that the domain is configured correctly:
1.     Edit the octane.yml file and provide the correct the domain.
2.     Restart the ALM Octane server.

I cannot log into ALM Octane because ports are closed.

1.     Check which ports are open using, for example in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5: iptables -L -nv --line-number
2.     Open ports, for example: iptables -I INPUT 8 -p tcp –dport 8080 -j ACCEPT
3.     Save changes: service iptables save

I am unexpectedly logged out.

Typically, a user is logged out of ALM Octane only after session timeout. If, however, you are unexpectedly logged out while actively working in ALM Octane, you may need to clear cookies before you can log in again.
To prevent an unexpected logout:
When working with a local DNS, make sure that you access ALM Octane only with a fully-qualified machine name, together with the machine's domain.

JVM does not load.

If JVM fails to load after the HPALM service is started, check that Java is properly installed and that JAVA_HOME is configured correctly.
The /opt/octane/log/wrapper.log file shows the following error message:
ERROR | wrapper | JVM exited while loading the application.
INFO | jvm 1 | Unrecognized VM option 'UseCompressedClassPointers'
INFO | jvm 1 | Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
INFO | jvm 1 | Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
To identify the important parameters of the system that may affect the installation, run the following commands:
To get...
Java information
java -XshowSettings:properties - version
All installed Java applications
find / -name java
All installed Java versions
find / -name java -exec {} a \;
The JAVA_HOME property
The PATH property
echo $PATH

Application server address shows port 8080 even when changed.

By default, the installation uses port 8080 for HTTP or port 8443 for HTTPS (SSL). If you change the port to a non-default value after the initial installation phase, the Site Admin Servers tab shows:
·       The original application server address still displays as port 8080.
·       The server state is inaccessible even though the server is accessible.

Failure to create SA schema due to nonexistent TableSpace/TempTableSpace.

If errors occur during site schema creation, and the site.log file contains a message indicating that a certain tablespace or a temporary tablespace does not exist, check that the specified TableSpace or TempTableSpace is correct.

Session timeout a few minutes after login.

If session timeout occurs within a few minutes after login, check that the required domains configured in the list of authorized domains in the hpssoconfig.xml file. For details, see the information about configuring access to/from multiple domains in the ALM Octane Installation Guide.

Exception upgrading from 12.53.8 to 12.53.20.

An exception occurs when starting ALM Octane after enabling LDAP on an ALM Octane server that was at some point upgraded from 12.53.08. Please refer to KM02753321 for details about corrective actions.

Using Oracle TNS names when installing ALM Octane

To allow using TNS names connection string to install and use ALM Octane, please specify and new DBServerName parameter in setup.xml in addition to ConnectionString , for example:



ALM Octane 12.53.20


Common causes when installation fails

Can't access ElasticSearch database

ElasticSearch problems

Common causes:

  1. ElasticSearch database was not installed....
  2. ElasticSearch was not configured as needed for octane.
  3. ElasticSearch node name was not given in elasticsearch.yml
  4. Proper java version was not installed

What to do?

Step 1: Get information on ElasticSearch database using REST request:
  • Open terminal window on octane server machine.
  • Run curl command: curl : to get information on the database. Example:
    curl ''
  • See that:
    • You get successful result


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